Professional Mediation Practice

Not all storms come to disrupt your life, some come to clear your path.
Mediate BC Registered Roster Mediator

Take Control with Professional Dispute Resolution

Velocity Mediation is a certified mediation practice and Mediate BC Registered Roster Mediator [RRM] that specializes in providing time-sensitive services to people involved in individual, family, business, and general civil claim disputes.

Minimize Conflict With A Focus on Positive Outcomes

  • Mediation offers a respectful way to resolve differences quickly. Whether in a personal, family, or a business setting, disputes can arise when individuals do not agree. We use a proven Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) process to avoid costly litigation to negotiate and resolve issues.

  • Our goal is to help each party maximize the outcome while minimizing the cost of a legal dispute. Accessing the legal system can be stressful, time-consuming, and cost a significant amount compared to ADR. Ultimately, the decision in court is made by a judge and is not in your control. Our goal is to help our clients in British Columbia take control of the outcome with professional mediation.

  • We specialize as the independent trained mediator to facilitate communication between the parties having the dispute, with the aim of achieving a settlement. Conciliation, negotiation, and mediation go hand in hand through the facilitation of communication. Evaluative methods assist during the mediation process to make recommendations and achieve a positive outcome for the parties.

Pro Bono Services and Distance Mediation Offered

You can be confident that Velocity Mediation will facilitate resolution with respect for all parties involved. We focus on fair negotiation operating with the highest level of integrity. We differentiate ourselves by offering pro bono family negotiation, mediation, and advocacy services based upon evaluation of individual income levels.