Mediation Services

Our goal is to work with the parties to reach an agreement with respect and integrity. As a certified mediator, we support you to minimize the conflict and promote the positive aspects of moving forward after an agreement is achieved. The process of mediation is a recognized alternative to litigation by the court. A negotiated agreement is accepted by the courts if it resulted from a fair decision-making process.


“In business and in life, you don’t get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate."

Professional Negotiation

Negotiation is often the best approach taken to resolve any dispute. It can be the first stage of the mediation process where the parties hold discussions in the hope of reaching a mutually satisfactory agreement. Negotiation engages the parties to listen and communicate directly in the decisions that affect them. Involved parties are effectively able to address their own needs and the needs of the opposing party so that a negotiated agreement can become a contract enforceable by the courts.

Advantages of Negotiation include:

  • Professional negotiation is confidential

  • Out of court solution in reach of all parties

  • Interest-based negotiation helps keep relationships intact

  • The dispute is resolved by mutual agreement rather than imposed decision

Dispute Resolution

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is a viable alternative to going to court. The majority of disputes are not resolved in court. Instead, they are resolved by negotiation and mediation which offer a much less rigid, faster, and cheaper way to resolve them.

The power of ADR expertise is that agreements are generally consensual and enable the parties to determine the outcome. Advantages of dispute resolution also include the possibility to maintain pre-existing personal and business relationships.

ADR is utilized by Velocity Mediation in a wide range of scenarios including:

  • Family Mediation separation, divorce, parenting, and support

  • Tenancy Mediation to resolve housing matters

  • Community Mediation to resolve disagreements

  • Business Negotiation of intellectual property

  • Commercial Negotiation of copyright infringement

ADR methods require the consent of the parties to resolve. The parties reserve the right of proceeding with litigation if an agreement is not reached. This process may also make it possible to resolve a dispute that spans multiple geographic jurisdictions in a single process.

If the parties are already involved in a legal dispute, they have the option to pursue ADR in a parallel process, upon consent by all parties, to resolve their differences even though litigation may still be pending. Dispute resolution falls on a continuum and every solution to achieve a positive outcome can be utilized by the mediator and the parties.

A person sitting at a table with another person.

Pro Bono Services

Velocity Mediation believes that access to mediation and justice is premised on the principle that everyone, regardless of ability to pay, should be able to achieve a fair outcome of their dispute. “Pro bono publico” comes from a Latin phrase meaning “for the public good.” Our pro bono services include negotiation, mediation, and advocacy services that are available based upon evaluation of individual income levels.

Pro Bono Services provide:

  • A flexible alternative to court litigation

  • Solutions to meet the needs and budgets of different parties

  • Support for community members that face access to justice barriers

  • Cost-effective and timely dispute resolution

  • Mediation for disadvantaged or marginalized parties

“ConFlict is neither good nor bad. If managed, it is absolutely
vital to find the best solution.”